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“Land & Heritage have engaged with VCL Consultants on a number of tourism related projects in the Slane area. In all our dealings we have been impressed by the level of professionalism, innovation and expertise demonstrated by VCL Consultants on some difficult and complex issues all delivered with a very personal approach.”

Alan Haugh, Director, Land and Heritage

Civil & Structural Design

Structural & Civil Design

VCL Consultants utilise both manual and computer methods for structural analysis and design of our various projects. This is probably the area where we would excel and we pride ourselves on producing the most cost effective and efficient structural solution on each project utilising the various materials available masonry, concrete, steel and timber.

Temporary Works Design

VCL has provided Temporary Works Design for a multitude of projects and does so in the way that buildability is retained in a cost-effective manner without compromising safety.

Drainage and Watermain Analysis and Design

Using our extensive experience and expertise in this area VCL can carry out a full design and detailed package for drainage and watermain elements of a project.

Surveying – Setting Out

Setting out will generally be undertaken using a controlled station setdown in the initial topographical survey in order to accurately position buildings and infrastructure as required by the developer. A topographic survey involves the production of maps and plans which are true to scale. Topographic maps are produced to accurately represent details of both the natural and built environment they will also include symbols representing features or data too small to produce to scale.

Height information is added in most cases as spot heights and feature elevations. This height information is related to a control datum such as ordnance datum or a fixed local datum. Height information is also used to generate contours to provide a better visual representation of the changes in terrain height across the site. We regularly carry out high standard site surveys for our clients. Topographical and site surveys are directed towards planning and design for Architectural and Engineering purposes. Precise control networks are established using total station survey techniques.

Assigned Certifier

VCL’s Assigned Certifier process, includes not only compliance with the regulatory requirements but also the inspections required to ensure our clients get the highest quality project possible.

Project Supervision & Inspection

Whether you decide to opt-in or opt-out or the BCMS system, VCL can guide you through your project and can carry out all architectural and engineering inspections and project supervision. If you are unsure of what route to take, our team will advise you on each and discuss the supervision and inspection requirements that your particular project will need.

Design Certifier

As registered Architects and Chartered Engineers VCL can carry out the role of Design Certifier for your project and ensure that it meets the highest design standards.

Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)

VCL recognises that it is essential that hazards are designed out of the building process and the use of that building at the earliest stage possible. VCL will engage with our client to ensure we meet all the necessary requirements under the Health and Safety Regulations.

Conservation, Renovation and Restoration

Our expert team have great experience in conservation, renovation and restoration projects and can advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective methods of construction.

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