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Design & Planning

Designing your project

VCL Consultants have over 20 years experience working as designers and offer design services, both architectural and engineering for your project, no matter how big or small. We can advise you on the most appropriate design options, listen to your requests, requirements and dreams and provide you with a design to match your ideas and your budget! We can also advise you whether your project will require planning permission and if so prepare and lodge the application for you and guide you through the planning process.


How difficult it is to get planning permission?

Before you can commence building your home in Ireland, planning permission needs to be obtained from your local authority. No work can begin before this is in place. Fortunately, in general, it’s relatively straight-forward to obtain. Prior to lodging any planning permission request, we will consult the development plan for your local area. This document, which is drawn up by the local authority, outlines how the area is intended to be used. From this, we will be able to establish whether your plans correspond with their intentions for the area. The more they do – the more likely you are to have permission granted with ease. We can also consult the local planning authority before we lodge your application, to organise a pre-planning meeting where we discuss your plans with the planning authority, which can be very helpful and save you time in the long run.


How long does it take?

As a general rule, the local planning authority are obliged to decide on the application within eight weeks of receiving it. However, if they conclude they need more time, or need to see more documentation – it can take longer.

When the local authority decide that they are going to grant you planning permission, you will receive a ‘notice of intention to grant planning permission’. If no one appeals or objects to the decision within four weeks – you will receive a ‘grant of permission’.

One important thing to note is that you must notify the public about your plans. This is done by placing a notice in an allocated local newspaper and by putting up a ‘site notice’ clearly stating your plans. Your application must then happen within two weeks of the notice appearing in the local press. Additionally, it is not uncommon for planning permission to be granted, ‘subject to conditions’. In these instances, you may be required to make changes to the proposal. Should your proposal be rejected, you have four weeks to appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanála.


How much are the local authority fees for planning permission?

Different fees apply to different types of development. The current application fee for a one off house is €65. If you are only planning an extension or conversion of an existing structure, the fee is €34.

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Construction & Supervision

Construction Details

Your project will be designed and supervised by a registered architect and chartered engineer, which means we can prepare all your construction details without you having to engage a second construction professional for the project. Under the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 VCL’s engineer or architect can carry out the roles of “Designer” and “Assigned Certifier” for your project. These roles can only be carried out by a Registered Architect, Chartered Engineer or Registered Building Surveyor. Most financial institutions will also require you to have one of the above construction professionals supervising your project.

Assigned Certifier

The role of the Assigned Certifier is to inspect and co-ordinate work by key individuals involved in the design and construction of a building. The Assigned Certifier also ensures that all building regulations considered at design stage have been implemented in the final constructed building or works.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we have skillsets in all areas of architecture and engineering. VCL’s Assigned Certifiers have the support of experts in all areas of construction, in particular Fire Safety, Disability Access, Structural and Energy (Part L/NZEB) Standards.

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If you have recently bought a property, or feel that your current property does not suit your needs; you may consider refurbishing your property. In many instances our houses are large enough for us without the need for further extensions, however the layout prevents the house from functioning as we might wish.

VCL Consultants can work with you to ascertain how exactly you would like your house to work and how you use it day to day. Our excellent architects and engineers can then advise you on the best approach to reorganising your home, with or without a further extension.

We can also advise and design construction details for upgrading the existing property to meet new building regulations, in particular to achieve a better BER energy rating making it more comfortable, or to make it more accessible catering to changing lifetime needs.

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Grants /SEAI

Depending on the type and scale of your project you may be eligible for assistance or grants from Local Authorities, The Government or the SEAI amongst others.

If you are interested, or think you may be eligible for these grants please let us know and we can advise. We recommend that you enquire at the start of the project as specific schemes often need to be applied for before any work commences. We will be happy to aid you in the application process.

Here are some websites you might find useful:


SEAI Grants

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